The Sqaurewave Conspiracy

  1. Label: Calm Down Kidder Records
  2. Data: 14 Giugno 2010
  3. Paese: UK

V/A The Square Wave Conspiracy (Calm Down Kidder Records)

14 Giugno 2010 di nostromo


the squarewave conspiracy - v/a . calm down kidder records

arottenbit, Buskerdroid, Kenobit and Microman have given birth to the Square Wave Conspiracy, an album with aims of showing the world what the Italian micromusic scene is capable of, which is clearly the blistering destruction of Game Boy music as we know it! This album shows the lads remixing a song from each other, finishing off with a brand new original track from all of them, leaving you in a catatonic state of frenzy!

The delicious artwork is by pixel hero Nazzilla, click the art to view a HQ version!

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