IDecade – Sinergy

18 January 2021 di ZapoTek

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Veneto hides some little treasures.
IDecade, that we already had on our pixellated site about his first album, on December 2017 has backed his fourth album. And I have to say it: this “vecio” knows how to use the Game Boy.

Last time we leaved him with Milkytracker and a lot of talent to show, this time there’s 11 tracks made with a single Game Boy and LSDj to throw sounds. And you have to hear these sounds!

IDecade squeezes the 8bit brick and with Sinergy starts big time, dosing the square waves in the melody with a fat bass that keeps the structure on.
Kraken deserves its name. The funny thing about IDecade is the incredible “bad” vibe that he can create. It’s a mix of sound experiments and wise choosing of pauses thet will make you wildly move in a endless mosh pit.
Kraken perfectly released.
Denatured got a drum’n’bass vibe that doesn’t forget the peculiar “8bit” melody. Personally I find the result quite swinging but in the end I am convinced.
Traumas is the most “chill” track of the album, even if it has a very present kick that fades in a creckly bass. On my headphones, the track doesn’t fully convince me, I want to listen to it live with a good sound system that can floor me flat.
And then we have Far.
You have to well listen to it. For a moment it seems that it’s not playing a Game Boy. They’re not sounds coming from a portable console from 1989!!!
But they are. IDecade, in an alchemic way, manages to conjure the spirits of the Old Ones in the form of 4 channels.
With Benjo I recognize that the album went alive and the surprises are not over! Making a 195bpm Neurofunk with LSDj is not everyday routine. I’m listening this track and I’m moving the head back and forth, it’s stronger than me.
Catastrophe got a very interesting intro that turns into another well made breakbeat. The sound experimentation is not lacking here too.
Empty is another “bad to the spot” track. In some points it seems that the bass is burping. It’s not a bad thing.

I want to know how he manage to create a kick so full.

After such badness, here comes Mahalo. The latin rhythm is carried on for all the track, succeeding in the hard job of moving my fat ass.
The track atmosphere is quite angry. You’re on a dancefloor where everyone is coked up, someone discussed the moral virtue of someone else’s significant other and, instead of putting blades in each other’s sternum, they decide to resolve the quarrel with a Hardcore Tango match.
Sweat, blood and more sweat. And alcohol.
Mad wants to tell us something but we don’t know what it wants to tell. While we try to understand the meaning, we enjoy the virtuosity and the big basses. I think this track is the best fitting in defining the IDecade style. I listen and think: it’s clearly his style, his metric.
And we end this emotional “calcinculo” with Anubis. Sound experiment reigns here too: the more you listen the song, the more you can’t comprehend the music is coming from a Game Boy, and the more you can’t comprehend the more you want to name a nigh-relative of Anubis, and it’s not beloging from the Egypt pantheon (nb it’s an italian form of swearing, don’t shout those profanities in religious environments).

What to say?

I listened this album on headphones.
The composition ability goes along with the sound research and it’s an expolosive result!
I want to listen this album on a decent sound system, so the Kraken conjured on the second track can punch me into a happy coma.

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