Indiscriminata Attack Four!

24 January 2021 di Baniele

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we already covered <DIR> RICHTER and adding more is unnecessary.
What I’ll do today is listen his album released on December 2017.

If you’re lucky to get a physical copy you’ll have an audio cassette on your hands.
No, we’re not suddenly in 1987. It’s a real audio cassette with a real magnetic tape inside. And, even more surprising, if you put it on a cassette player, it sounds!
Oh boy, the technology today.

By the way, if you don’t have a cassette player or an old walkman at home, the album is also available on Bandcamp, so you don’t have excuses.

Except for track 3 on B side (#7 for those who have downloaded from internet), the rest of the tracks are japanese metal & punk covers, where the most recent is dated 1991.
Of every band coverized I know only one (X Japan) and I think I’m lucky enough. So, the fact that I have to do with unknown tracks, for me is a chance to appreciate the ability of the composer, and it gives me chance to discover new things.

The intro chosen for the EP, Alkaloid’s Saints Alive, is a great opening with a ballad, that sooths us before going to 精神病質, by Jurassic Jade, a track with a gothic touch at the beginning that goes to fast kicks like Kill’Em All Metallica. The singing gives the song that 80’s atmosphere and, I have to say, it’s not bad!
Third track is Right Now by X and is an explosion of 8 bit metal. I’m a little disappointed that lacks singing, it would have given a sense of continuum. Well, here’s the fourth track that closes th A side (but for you that you have downloaded the album from internet it doesn’t close anything, damn you): Outro by Rommel*. It’s a slow track that compensate the previous hyperfast song.

The B side starts at 3.000 km/h with Despair by The Piass. The voice here is mixed perfectly with the frantic rhythm. The impression is of a great lo-fi composition. The next track, Kill Yourself by かまいたち, got a videogameish look and the mid-track solo reminds me of a blocky level in Egypt.
And here we are with Wunderwaffen, the only original track of <DIR> RICHTER.
When he doesn’t do covers, the creative side flourishes in all its beauty. the track is an impetuous ride through gothic lands that it can be really appreciated, even if it lasts only 2′ 33”. Too short! I want more!
If you have noticed, this is my favourite track.
To close the B side there’s Johann Requiem Symphony by Izumi from Aion/Mein Kampf*, another slow ballad that greatly close the album.

As a whole, Indiscriminata Attack Four! brings me back in the 80’s speed metal era in Japan.
And that’s a good thing!

The DIY nature of the album, and the choosing of release the physical copy on audio cassette, gives a unique feel to everything.
Personally, I would preferred hear some singing on Right Now, just to give a sense of continuity on A side.
I also hope to near more original tracks from <DIR> RICHTER. He’s very good in making covers but when the track is all his work I hear more attention with the sounds and better composition skills.

Beside that, if you’re lovers of 80’s japanese punk and metal, this album is for you!

*Rommel and Mein Kampf used nazi imagery for shock value. <DIR> RICHTER and aren’t in any way associated with nazism and fascism and strongly disagree with every nazi/fascist ideology.

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