8 January 2021 di M1CR0M4NC3R

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Hi, Microfamily!
We’re back, and you?

The micromusic scene in Italy exists indeed for many years, a lot of artists followed each other on many stages both here in Italy and outside our country (IRL and online), with colourful instruments and creative setlists as well.

The scene continues to be alive and the generational turnover continues too!

Legends from the italian scene leave room to more emerging artists, and we’re not just talking about micromusic, we mean all the lo-fi scene, the lo-fi culture.

Micromusic was the starting point on the creation of this website, where we published over the years several interviews to the artists, album presentations and show reports.

Along with the music, we also started to cover everything that goes around it, as long as it was low resolution (we’re simple peeps ;P). From these pages articles about indie games, game console prototypes and every other peculiar hardware passed by, up to figurative arts like pixel and ASCII art.

Why we’re writing this today?
What do we have to say in particular after a long silence?
This website is managed by a little group of people that in their spare time try their hand on searching, analyzing and producing all kind of content to be published. And after a 2020 that gave us some gratifications from online livesets, we were able to gather a new core team that is able to take care of posting new material for the articles that will come soon!

Our goal is to give space and to show all those artists that deserve to be mentioned, to be studied, to be listened and memorized, to grow up all together in the footsteps of those who preceded us!

Thanks for having read this sort of editorial, we look forward to seeing you soon to read the new articles that will arrive!

Greetings to everyone from the new team and your dear old Micromancer.

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