Micromusic Italy goes live! Sunday Jams

6 March 2021 di ejan

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In May 2020 Micromusic Italy lands live: after a process started with Instagram direct and continued on YouTube, it then lands on Twitch where, once a week – every Sunday – the magic is staged.

Twitch proved to be the best solution, especially for quality and sync of the audio, which on Instagram tended to flip in excess, or for the strange algorithms of the red social network that incomprehensibly hindered the publication of the live broadcasts.

The adventure of Micromusic Italy’s live shows starts with a specific goal: not only to include artists from the scene from practically EVERYWHERE – we’ve had episodes in which musicians from Singapore, the United States and South America, and so much more! followed one another – but to emphasize the need for total inclusiveness within the environment.

To do this, with a “PR activity” studied down to the smallest detail, the choice of the artists for each episode was taken care of in such a way as to incorporate every type of subjectivity, without ever giving up the quality of the names chosen. Inclusiveness and acceptance -terms now on everyone’s lips but not at all obvious, especially in the music scope- are the key words of 8-bit Italy’s poetics.

The live shows, now all available on the YouTube channel, are the exact and fitting photograph of a precise moment and atmosphere: they capture the vibrations of a scene that never stops, evolves constantly and in unpredictable directions.

This means you can listen and chill with a set of Chilean electronic cumbia and go wild with some violent breakbit a moment later.

Inevitably the listener, from the insider one to the neophyte, perceives the mutability of the style and the fleeting boundaries that cannot and do not want to label a genre that is not specifically a genre.

Hence, the beating heart of the initiative comes to the surface: to make people understand how the “chiptune” is not just pressing Game Boy soundtracks, but can transform itself and take flight in completely different ways. Reaching incredible heights.

There have been artists who have held court like true professionals by combining Commodore and guitar (gWem). There are those who have programmed software from scratch to play with chips and sound cards of platforms considered by many to be obsolete and dead.

Farther its stability, Twitch was chosen for many reasons: it’s convenient, it has already established to promote this type of content and stylistic approach; it also allows you to integrate features such as receiving donations and better advertising the selected artists. Taking their cue from other collectives active in the chiptune world, DaimonChip and 0R4, authors of the format, have structured a profit distribution system that in addition to supporting the musicians, devolves the 50% of the donations to different organizations each time.

With the progress of the episodes, the format has evolved by experimenting with different creative possibilities, adding a chat in real time, comments and discussions visible on the sideband of the interface. By designing themed episodes (such as the hip-hop marathon in the planning phase and the more hardcore / punk one with names such as N3R0H4Z3T, N3m3s15, arottenbit) in which we anticipate that we will see some good ones, or by integrating more and more visuals and multidisciplinary artists.

Complete artists from the most different backgrounds have unraveled between the lines of the canal, bringing with them a piece of their culture, their artistic and stylistic path, allowing us to get in touch with reality on the edge of the globe within a few hours. The world in a room.

The face of Micromusic Italy live is constantly evolving and is open to external influences and stimuli, aiming to become the perfect version of itself.

If you are curious to delve into the maze of music “pulled out” by the most absurd processors, stay updated on the latest trends or simply spend a few hours of pure audiovisual enjoyment, all you have to do is follow us at the links below:

Twitch_ https://www.twitch.tv/micromusicitaly

YT_ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgU7JR5UoeaAyoYSsODvUNQ

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